Optimization Metrics

Clara and I have to take a written exam in order to transfer our driver’s licenses to Minnesota, so we’re studying the Minnesota driver’s manual. In the section on crosswalks I found this instruction: The problem is that you can’t leave an intersection both as quickly as possible AND as safely as possible. To leave … More Optimization Metrics

Turning token actions into keystone habits

Last time, I talked about the idea of encouraging big life changes by making small changes to your environment: become a writer → keep a journal nearby at all times take charge of your health → put the cookies at the back of the cupboard organize your household → dedicate a spot for give-away things to live until you … More Turning token actions into keystone habits

Soak the nut

Growing up in my family, my sister and I took turns with the chore of washing dishes every evening. This was not a job I liked, and there were many ways I tried to get out of it: Before dinner, I would do some other extra chore, so that when the calendar was checked to … More Soak the nut

The unexpected things you need when you move in

This is the week we finally made the move to Minnesota, and so far it’s gone wonderfully. We completed the two-day drive without incident, we’ve assembled six carts’ worth of Ikea furniture (just the desk is left!)—we’ve even gone to the state fair: That’s right: all-you-can-drink milk for just $2. There have been a few … More The unexpected things you need when you move in