Your Advertisement Here!

On billboards, during movie theater previews, among those ads for lawyers and ESL teachers on public transit—I love coming across instances of the “Your advertisement could be here!” filler that advertising companies use when their advertising space goes unfilled. For one thing, I’m tickled by the meta-ness of advertising for advertising. For another, some of the more creative … More Your Advertisement Here!

Which self am I?

I have lots of questions about the world every day. Where did I put my keys? Is my phone battery dead? Is there enough food in the fridge that I don’t need to go grocery shopping yet? (Maybe you can tell what kind of life I lead right now.) But one of the most common … More Which self am I?

The class size paradox

Today’s post is a short paradox about averages, and how they don’t always match expectations. Imagine you’re a freshman college student, happily confident of a personalized education—after all, your college boasts an average class size of a mere 10 students per course. But when you arrive, most of your classes have far more students than … More The class size paradox