Summer break!

This past week I completed a full year of writing weekly posts for this blog. To celebrate, I’m taking a break! I might write some more when I feel like it, but for now I’m just going to enjoy summer vacation and see if I can catch up on friendships and outdoor activities.

I also went through my posts from this past year and tagged them with the themes I’ve been developing. If you want to read several posts on similar topics, you might try:

  • Updates: What is going on in my life as I make the transition from the Netherlands to Minneapolis?
  • Habits: What are some of the habits I try to cultivate, and why?
  • Feelings: How can I try to calibrate positive and negative feelings to make them most useful?
  • Perceptions: In what ways can I use or account for the imperfections with which my perceptions capture reality?
  • Word choice: What are some ways it makes a difference which words you use?
  • Selves: When does it make sense to view my past and future selves as different people from me?
  • Probability: When do the rules of probability need to be adjusted to account for multiple selves?
  • Externality: When is it better for the many to make a sacrifice for the few, or vice versa?

I’m curious if any of these threads struck you as particularly interesting. Anything you want to talk more about in the future?

What do you think? Leave a comment below:

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