Calculus Fall 2013

Here are the course materials for Calculus, taught at Leiden University College the Hague in Fall 2013.

Lecturer: Owen Biesel
Email: (no longer valid; use the contact page instead)

Course documents

Session notes

  • October 29: Functions, Continuity, and Derivatives pdf tex
  • November 1: Derivatives, Products, and Quotients pdf tex
  • November 5: Derivatives, Antiderivatives, and Integrals pdf tex
  • November 8: Derivatives of exp, ln, sin, and cos pdf tex
  • November 12: The Chain Rule pdf tex
  • November 15: Integration Techniques 1: Integration by Substitution pdf tex
  • November 19: Integration Techniques 2: Integration by Parts pdf tex
  • November 22: Partial Derivatives pdf tex
  • November 26: No class.
  • November 29: Total Derivatives and the Multivariable Chain Rule pdf tex
  • December 3: Single- and Multivariable Extremization pdf tex
  • December 6: Differential Equations pdf tex
  • December 10: Exponential and Sigmoid Growth pdf tex
  • December 13: Special Topics: The Normal Distribution; Other Kinds of “Calculus”