Welcome to the world!

This month Clara and I welcomed our first child, a daughter, into the world. She is unbelievably wonderful and it already feels like she’s been with us forever. Here are some thoughts on life with a newborn (sometimes, on life with this newborn specifically), in no particular order: When she cries, it’s often just sad … More Welcome to the world!

Quarantine Knits

When I think about the different aspects of my life, I keep coming back to this list of goal types Gretchen Rubin collected for her book Better than Before: Eating healthfully Exercising regularly Spending wisely Enjoying rest Accomplishment Simplifying one’s environment Deepening relationships I’ve been astonished how much this pandemic has disrupted every one of … More Quarantine Knits

Summer break!

This past week I completed a full year of writing weekly posts for this blog. To celebrate, I’m taking a break! I might write some more when I feel like it, but for now I’m just going to enjoy summer vacation and see if I can catch up on friendships and outdoor activities. I also … More Summer break!

We have a piano!

This is not the blog post I planned to write this week, but for a happy reason: our piano came today! This piano is the one I played on when I was taking lessons in high school, and it’s been living with my parents ever since I moved out. Until now! Finally choosing to bring … More We have a piano!

Spice Blendoku

Since deciding to renew our lease for a second year, we’ve been trying to improve our apartment in several small ways: getting fabric for curtains, moving the recycling from a paper bag in the coat closet to a bin under the sink, re-gluing sections of doors that have warped apart, etc. One project we’ve had in mind … More Spice Blendoku

My 2017 goals

I don’t put a lot of stock into making New Year’s resolutions; in fact, I usually try to start a habit on an otherwise ordinary day so that when I fall off the wagon it’s easier to get back on. But I like the idea of having a time of year when you think about the … More My 2017 goals

The unexpected things you need when you move in

This is the week we finally made the move to Minnesota, and so far it’s gone wonderfully. We completed the two-day drive without incident, we’ve assembled six carts’ worth of Ikea furniture (just the desk is left!)—we’ve even gone to the state fair: That’s right: all-you-can-drink milk for just $2. There have been a few … More The unexpected things you need when you move in