Here are links to the content for the courses I recently taught at Leiden:

You can find a collection of comments from student evaluations here.

I also have supervised various Bachelor’s and Master’s student thesis projects:

Master’s students:

  • 2016: Marius Stekelenburg (jointly supervised with David Holmes). Closure Data of Étale Schemes.
  • 2016: Raoul Wols. A McCord Functor for Alexandroff Categories (pdf)
  • 2016: Mohamed Hashi. Affine Objects, Restrictive Morphisms and Quasi-coherent Sheaves (pdf)
  • 2014: Riccardo Ferrario. Galois closures for monogenic degree-4 extensions of rings (pdf)

Bachelor’s students:

  • 2016: Daan van Gent. Graph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time (pdf)
  • 2015: Michiel van den Berge. An algorithm for morphing audio (pdf)
  • 2014: Marius Stekelenburg. Ultrafilters and Topology (pdf)