These are the courses I have recently taught or will soon teach at Carleton College:

  • (Spring 2022: Complex Analysis)
  • (Winter 2022: Linear Algebra; Introduction to Calculus)
  • (Fall 2021: Probability)
  • Spring 2021: Introduction to Statistics; Calculus II
  • Winter 2021: Multivariable Calculus
  • Spring 2020: Introduction to Statistics; Real Analysis I
  • Winter 2020: Introduction to Statistics
  • Fall 2019: Introduction to Calculus
  • Spring 2019: Abstract Algebra I
  • Winter 2019: Linear Algebra; Real Analysis I
  • Fall 2018: Multivariable Calculus
  • Spring 2018: Linear Algebra
  • Winter 2018: Calculus II
  • Fall 2017: Introduction to Calculus

Here are links to the content for the courses I taught previously at Leiden:

You can find a collection of comments from student evaluations here.

I also have supervised several undergraduate and Master’s student thesis projects, as well as supervised independent research/readings:

Undergraduate thesis projects:

  • 2020: Emma Qin, Will Schwarzer, Peter Sparks, Elizabeth Zhu. Applied Category Theory
  • 2020: Peter Keel. Queueing Theory: The M/M/1 Queue
  • 2020: Narun Raman. Money Talks: Disincentivizing Lying in Voting
  • 2019: Nupur Bindal, Alief Moulana, Tim Schoch, Ned Wang. Measures of Biodiversity (link)
  • 2019: Fabio da Silva Soares. Continued Fractions
  • 2019: Charlie Kapsiak. De Rham Cohomology
  • 2018: Maya Banks, Lynn Daniel, Angel Villa, and Yuhao Wan. Recovering Edge Conductivities in Electrical Networks (link)
  • 2018: Aman Panda. The Rationality of Hypoerbolic Discounting
  • 2016: Daan van Gent. Graph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time (pdf)
  • 2015: Michiel van den Berge. An algorithm for morphing audio (pdf)
  • 2014: Marius Stekelenburg. Ultrafilters and Topology (pdf)

Independent readings and research:

  • Winter 2020: Will Fletcher and James Yan. Commutative Algebra
  • Fall 2019: Soren DeHaan. Basic Category Theory
  • Spring 2019: Henry Chapman. Network Operads
  • Fall 2018: Muyang Shi. Discriminant Algebra Operations

Master’s student thesis projects:

  • 2016: Marius Stekelenburg (jointly supervised with David Holmes). Closure Data of Étale Schemes (pdf)
  • 2016: Raoul Wols. A McCord Functor for Alexandroff Categories (pdf)
  • 2016: Mohamed Hashi. Affine Objects, Restrictive Morphisms and Quasi-coherent Sheaves (pdf)
  • 2014: Riccardo Ferrario. Galois closures for monogenic degree-4 extensions of rings (pdf)